November 2021

NP 2021 (< click title for video)

The NP 2021 features a series of border and immigration-related, ephemeral interventions/ performances that seek to raise the public's awareness about what borders are in people's lives and how they are an obstacle of social justice. 

These interventions will be planned with students and put in place by students at locations they/we identify as being a border to somewhere else (maybe a neighborhood boundary or city limit). Responses by the public to each performance/ intervention will be documented each day at each location using video and photography. The research is the new knowledge generated through these activities and interventions. It was a very busy month, but much was learned about the pros and cons of immigration in the United States and elsewhere. 

1. Powders defining borders

At specific locations flour, Maseca or cornmeal will be poured on the ground to form a boundary line. On each side of the line a words will be written using the powder. Examples include; Cuba/USA, MX/USA, Us/Them, Israel/Palestine etc.

2. Birds & Borders. 

Bring attention to the concept of Barriers, Walls and Borders by placing birdseed, corncobs, or orange peels on top of various walls throughout the U of M-Flint campus. The variety of birds that share this free, abundant resource demonstrates to humans that we can learn from nature and that our differences shouldn’t divide us.

3. Flags/ lights as boundaries

American flags or votive lights will be installed between specific locations. Messages may be included.

4. Red-lining in Flint

A “Red” line will be installed on the location of historic Red-line districts in designated Flint neighborhoods. The red line will be a red rope that will either be connected to small stakes or simply placed on the ground. 

5. Reading Toe Tags

At a specific location designated in advance (such the bridge from White Building to UCEN or the bridge at Kearsley Street) one or two people will read out loud toe tag information from the Hostile Terrain exhibition.

6. Performers at a checkpoint

At a specific location designated in advance (such the bridge from White Building to UCEN) several or one student/s wearing some sort of “official” guard uniform will politely stop pedestrians and inform them that they are passing through a NP 2021 checkpoint. Each passer-by will be given a “NP 2021 Free-All Access Pass” for that day.

7. Immigration Interviews

Random individuals will be interviewed about a specific question around immigration. Each day this occurs 3 - 5 people will be interviewed.

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